As I mentioned in an early article, NXP Semiconductors (NXPI) is a great buy in a fundamental standpoint.  Qualcomm (QCOM) had to abandon the merger without the approval from China.  As a result, Qualcomm also had to disburse $2 billion in breakup fees to NXP Semiconductor as well.

The breakup caused a huge drop in the price as many hedge funds exited their positions.  Many investment funds thought that the merger would get approved at $127 per share.  Therefore, many hedge funds continue to exit their positions causing a rapid drop in NXPI price.

This has caused the stock chart to look rather poor in a technical standpoint.  In such a poor outlook, I even exited my position in the stock.  I will await a better outlook before coming back into the stock.  I will be looking for a modest uptrend to enter a position again.  This means it will be at minimum 2-3 months before I look at this stock.  However, I do believe in the long-term this should be a winner even for those wishing to just buy and hold.