Facebook, ticker FB, dropped in stock share price yesterday and even further today currently down over 4% today after the hearings with congress yesterday. Much of the drop earlier in 2018 was related to fake users that they had to remove which showed that Facebook has less users than originally stated. Remember, that Facebook also owns Instragram which continues to grow its user base and is valued at $100 billion by Forbes if they were its own separate company.

Also, remember that Facebook is still widely known around the world even if their growth has slowed down in the USA market. They also have a cash holdings of $42 billion that should be factored into your fundamental analysis. FB has a PE of 25 while GOOG is at a PE of 50. That fact alone shows you the undervaluation that the market is giving to Facebook. I believe there is plenty of growth in the stock and the stock price does not factor this in.

At the current price, you can’t go wrong purchasing below $163.