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Month: April 2009

Apple Has Topped Out!

That’s right.  The apple chart shows an evening star doji.  I still expect this to be a great stock moving forward, but it has leaped 30 points in one month giving it almost a 40% gain.  It doesn’t help that Steve Jobs is not at work anymore.  We can only wish for more excellent keynotes from the great orator of Apple.  However, Apple is still pushing out great products.  They have the best mobile phone, and arguably, the best laptops.  They continue to carry the best line of music devices through the IPod.  Sheesh, they are just doing a great job.

If you like to gamble, throw some short sells into Apple.  However, I suggest not risking too much.  Don’t lose your house over this trade.  It might be in a bearish mode, but expect it to continue moving up.  As a safety net, I suggest short-selling this thing for at max 10 points to be conservative.  Also, remember to put in your stops.

Heading for Another Downturn

Adam, from MarketClub, stated that this trend is still going down.  He believes the S&P will hit a target of 500 as a bottom.  At the current S&P, I think it is time for the market to drop.  We have had a rally lasting almost 1 month.  This will definitely show if the stock market is headed to go up or it will continue its downturn.  Here is the video from Market Club, it’s called Is the S&P running out of gas?, Enjoy!

Activision/Blizzard Looking Good for the Future

This must be the investors’ ultimate game stock.  There is no other company that encompasses so many great games: Guitar Hero, Starcraft, Diablo, World of Warcraft.  They have a line of games that will bring in recurring income for a long time.  Starcraft is a very old game, but it still gets lots of press coverage.  In Korea, there is even a channel specifically for Starcraft.  They have game shows and prizes with audiences passing over 10,000 people just to show the video game on projectors and have the best players come out.

Starcraft II will be coming out sometime this year.  It has been said to be released sometime in the first half.  If you visit Gamestop, you will notice a link for the pre-order of the game.  You can bet this game will break major records in sales.  Also, if you look at the stock chart, you will notice this company has a very strong uptrend since January.  The big dips and drops of the stock market has not affected this company at all!

I’ve also recently got access to MarketClub.  They have a feature for their members that gives a trending system.  0 being negative and +100 being very positive for the future.  Activision/Blizzard is ranked to be +75.  This means it is showing some near term weakness. However, this market remains in the confines of a longer term uptrend Uptrend with tight money management stops.  This is very good looking for the future.  If the market looks right tomorrow, maybe I will pick up some shares.