The new year is upon us, with it, we can expect many great things.  President Obama is taking office and will be putting his policies in full force.  This includes includes more funding for alternative energy projects, more funding for road contruction projects, helping the automobile industry out, and even more bailing out of companies.  This means we can make some big bucks!  He stated that it will take a long time before we get out of this mess.  This normally would be a problem, but I’m looking to make money right away and I know everyone else is too after losing tons of cash in 2008.

2009, let’s get ready for the January stock rally.  In the past, we have had a nice January rally when the past year had a drop of 20% or more.  We sure hit that mark for 2008.  I’m betting the January rally will be big and then you can expect downturns for the rest of the year.  We are already in a depression, and I would not bet things will be moving back up for a long-time.  However, I’m looking to buy some cheap energy, pharmaceticuls, and health-care stocks, stuff that is on President Obama’s agenda.

With that note, I leave you with three picks.
DVN – Devon Energy currently at $66.79
UNH – United Healthcare currently at $26.49
PFE – Pfizir at $17.30

Pfizir might be a good trade long-term as you get a whopping 7% dividend.  But I’m looking for quick cash, so I will sell end of January!  Enjoy!