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Month: July 2012

CSTR – You have your 3% Loss

Coinstar (CSTR) took a big hit after the earnings outlook, but it still has tons of potential.  The DVD market will eventually go away but there’s still plenty of demand and there is still many people that would still be going to their local Blockbuster if it existed today.  Of course, that business model has been taken over by the Red Box, and you can bet there are many people every single day going to their local 7-11 or supermarket just to rent some more movies.

I suggest looking to get into CSTR once it ranges around $45.

CSTR – buy it now!

I’m a strong-believe that CSTR will break out.  It’s already made new highs but I don’t think it’s done yet.  It’s one of the few bullish stocks in the current market and it’s ready to go higher.
Here’s how to play it:
Stop at $66.54
Sell it at $79.54
You get either a 3% loss or a 16% gain.
Technicals are great and fundamentals are great.  Coinstar is teaming up with Starbucks to bring coffee into the vending machine.  Look at last week’s post for more information.