Yup, I’m calling it.  They broke the record for most pre-orders of any video game with Modern Warfare 2.  The first day they make over $310 million dollars.  If you think that’s good, try calling any Best Buy (BBY) or Game Stop (GME) and you will surely get a ‘inventory is sold out’ or you will need to order it and pick it up later on.  Activision is putting a huge advertising campaign to promote the game.  You might have seen the spectacular trailers, game footage, and/or reviews.  This is definitely the block-buster game of 2009.  They put it out just in time for the holidays also.

I’m expecting this baby to hit $18.  However, I don’t think it stops there either.  Their lineup for 2010 includes Starcraft 2 which is the top-selling game in Korea for over 10 years.  It’s played like an olympic sport with sold-out crowds of people watching Starcraft gamers play head-to-head.  Don’t forget Activision also holds the largest MMORPG with World of Warcraft.  They also have expansions of WOW which bring in additional revenue.

I like getting Activision right now.  It’s at really low prices and anything can make this thing boom up.  You still have Diablo 3 online for 2011.  Long-term or Short-term, this is a great trade!