You are in it for the long-run, you are tired of trading the markets but you still want to make the stock returns with it.  Procter & Gamble is a nice old-age company that continues to perform and you get to collect a dividend at the same time.  They have had some recent mishaps and they are priced to go up in value.  The stock has hovered around the high $60s for quite a bit of time.  It yields around a 3.3% dividend and it isn’t shaken too much by the market.  There is plenty of reason to see this stock move up in the future.

You also get the added benefit of following Bill Ackman.  He is on the board and suggesting that the company buy of some of their own stock to bring up the value.  These are all good things for the stock investor.

Buy it, forget it, and look back at retirement with a winner!