Water infrastructure is looking to be a rather important function going forward in the United States.  Clean water is not only an essential part to living, but also something that is declining at a rapid rate.  The funding needed to replace existing old infrastructure has been lacking.  Barack Obama has stated that one of his goals is to use federal funding to help fix roads, bridges, utilities, and you know for sure part of his stimulus package will be for helping fix these water problems.

Mueller Water Products, MWA, got knocked down to $4.22 from $6.66 on Wednesday.  Currently, it is at $3.33 this morning.  It got as high as $7 earlier this week.  At this price, it’s at the point of hitting a bottom.  The price can only go down furthur if there is no funding to help the infrastructure.   Possibly worst-case scenario, there’s a few quarters to which this might happen, but once people realize the importance, this stock will hit double digits in no time.  Obama wants to put people into jobs and helping improve the water situation will not only benefit the country nationally it will help improve the mess of an unemployment market.