North American Palladium (PAL) is again hitting it’s low set 6 months ago and the same low in 2005 which is around $3.50.  Both times it stood in that ground for a month or two, then it sky-rocketted up to $9!  Tomorrow, if it is still around $3.50, I might go ahead and make my move and buy some more.   I’m running both on technical and fundamental research.  Technical in that the stock is again reaching its bottom, so its time to move up.  Fundamentally, this is a material that should be moving up with the inflationary concerns.  I do not think it can stay low for so long.

Couer d’Alene Mines (CDE) is also moving downward.  Silver is continuing its move down with gold.  Bleh, I will continue to hold onto my shares but if it goes down more I might justify it to get some more.  Commodity stocks move up and down quickly but if you are willing to play the same there is money to be made quickly also.  I do hope its bottoming out.  All the other silver stocks continue to move up.  I hope dilution does not continue to stop this stock!  What is management doing to this company!