Sirius/XM Radio, SIRI, has dropped to an all-top low last week at $0.05.  Yesterday, it made a whopping increase of 60% and ended the day at $0.16.  This was triggered by a loan made by Liberty Media.  This helps prevent Sirius from filing bankruptcy and gives it more time to find a buyer.  This also gives Mr. Malone, Liberty Media’s chairmen, ownership stake in the company.  Liberty Media also owns DirectTV.  It be interesting to see what type of partnerships and deals come out of Sirius/XM Radio with their satellite packages.  I see this stock moving up from here on.  Even Dish was interested in this deal, but lucked out when DirectTV helped them out.  I see plenty of potential in this stock.  At $0.016, you have a lot more upside than downside.  Buy 1,000 shares and wait a few years, let’s see what happens 😉