I am a serious believer in stock market manipulation.  This might be common sense or just my irrational thinking, but hedge funds are there to make money; therefore, it is easy for them to take money from the small guy.  This would include you, me, and any other small investor trying to be independent and cut those percentages going to mutual funds, ETFs, and the big investing companies.  As I watch inflation-proof stocks fall with the market, I can only believe the hedge funds are trying to get more and more investors to sell the holdings.  They want to cut out all the margin holders and force brokerage companies to force their investors to sell their stock or put in their cash to make up for their margin holdings.

These same hedge funds will either put the DOW down to 10,000, then put a massive amount of cash in the stock market making another big rally and making everyone look rich, or start buying sooner and put the market up again.  The stock market is bound to have bottomed out soon.  GM has already hit the lowest price in the last 50 years.  When the hedge funds have pushed it low enough, they will then start buying back their own stocks and move the market up to new levels that we have not seen yet.  Let’s see what happens today, and good luck to us all!