Dexcom (DXCM) is a company that creates technologies to monitor glucose in people with diabetes.  Their stock price has been in a surge since March going from $55 to be over $100 in the past month.  However, their competitor Abbott (ABT) is interested in their same market and is coming up quick with their own technologies to compete.  Just this morning, Abbott’s new technology FreeStyle Libre was approved by the FDA.

This has dropped Dexcom today to as low as $93 per share.  As a company that specializes in glucose monitoring you know that they are advancing technology just like Abbott but you must also know that they already have their technology out in the marketplace helping diabetes patients through many countries.  They also plan to expand globally to help diabetics throughout the world.  An article on SeekingAlpha mentioned a value of $130 for Dexcom.

I give this stock a price target of $110 which should give you a nice 10% gain from the current price.